Monday, 23 March 2015

Womens' Section - The Royal British Legion - Military Wives and Girlfriends Group

The Military Wives and Girlfriends Group is a new membership group which has been set up specifically for the wives, girlfriends and partners of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.
By joining the Military Wives and Girlfriends Group rather than a local branch, you are able retain your membership to the group rather than transfer it each time you’re posted abroad or relocated within the country.
You’ll also be part of a large community of like-minded women - all in the same position as you, each one having to deal with similar demands and complications that military life entails. It’s a great way to meet other military wives and girlfriends in your local area, share your opinions and offer your support to one another.
If there are ten or more members in the same area, base or garrison, then you are free to form your own small branch which will be run by whoever wishes to take on the task (fantastic experience to put on your CV!)
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