Monday, 4 January 2016

RAF Benevolent Fund - Building Stronger Families Course

The RAF Benevolent Fund has now launched its new online 'Building Stronger Families' Course, which can be found at this link: The course, which is free to RAF personnel and their families, is entirely online so that individuals can complete either the whole course, or just those sections they feel might benefit them, in the privacy of their own home. Topics include:
  •     Being a Couple
  •     Communication
  •     Sexual Communications and Intimacy
  •     Changing Roles
  •     Resolving Conflict
  •     Step Parenting
  •     You, Me and the Military 
The course has been designed by Relate, registration is quick and easy and individuals can choose to work through the content individually, or with a partner. Whilst individuals need to register with their Service number or their partner's Service number, registration is entirely confidential and individuals' details will not be shared with the RAF. The course is intended for RAF personnel and their families who want to make the best of their relationships, whether they are married or not.