Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Birmingham Community Safety Partnership Domestic Abuse Campaign

Today Birmingham Community Safety Partnership launches its Spring domestic violence & abuse awareness raising campaign. The ‘This is domestic abuse’ campaign seeks to inform victims, their families and friends that coercive control is a form of domestic abuse and to raise awareness of the help available for victims.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of coercive control and its definition and helping women understand that a pattern of controlling or coercive behaviour is a form of domestic abuse under the Serious Crime Act 2015. The new offence closes a gap in the law around patterns of controlling or coercive behaviour in an ongoing relationship between intimate partners or family members. The offence carries a maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment, a fine or both. The Government’s definition also includes honour based violence, female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

Read more on our Community Safety website here:http://www.birminghamcsp.org.uk/news/post.php?s=2016-03-08-new-campaign-raises-awareness-of-coercive-control