Friday, 28 April 2017

UK CAAS Transition Letters and Location on SFA

Serving personnel living in SFA as may notice a change in your pay slip due to the Combined Accommodation Assessment System (CAAS) Transition process.
There will be comms shared on the CAAS DII Website (ie this link will not work externally) with regards to UK CAAS Transition letters. These letters will outline the charges for each successive year as a result of CAAS so if your property is due an incremental increase, or a decrease in your monthly SFA charge, this letter will explain.

From DIO:

UK Transition letters
Due to delays beyond our control, these letters have been delayed, hence they have not been sent out prior to this pay run. We are aware that occupants will have received their pay slips which may reflect changes to their BfC.
The original CAAS letters (Apr 2016) that were issued to occupants provide the details of the transition, outlining the charges for each successive year. We expect that these letters will be sent out to occupants by no later than the middle of May 2017. Please accept our sincere apologies for this delay.

Review of Location 2017

A Challenge can be raised if your Location factor has changed following the review. Any changes to the location data will not be reflected in your 2017 CAAS band transition letters. Any SFA affected by the revised location data will receive a new CAAS band transition letter later this year.
DII link is only available to Serving Personnel.
General information on CAAS can be found on GOV.UK