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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Extended FREE childcare entitlement in overseas locations Are you posted overseas? Do you have children who are three or four years old?

The MOD has published a document giving information about free childcare entitlement in overseas locations. AFF has compiled a summary of the regulations. 
The MOD aims to provide services similar to those in England where possible, whilst recognising the support that is given elsewhere in the UK to all eligible Service Personnel.
Currently, the MOD provides 15 hours of childcare per week for 38 weeks of the year for three and four year olds in places at MOD-provided settings, or through access to the MOD Overseas Nursery Allowance.
Additional FREE hours
From 1 September 2017, eligible children can access an additional 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year.

The additional 15 hours will be available to families where both parents are working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family) a minimum of 16 hours each per week.
Parents each earning £100,000.00 or more do not qualify. The hours are measured for eligibility purposes on an average three-month period or an expectation.
The additional entitlement will be mirrored, where possible, in MOD locations overseas, using the same eligibility criteria defined under the 2016 Childcare Act above.
Please bear in mind that the additional entitlement has been piloted in various places across England, but there is no entitlement for any backdated payments for these periods.
For stability, there is a grace period if you find you become ineligible, which, where practical, is similar to what is found in England.
Where can you access it?
Where the MOD-provided settings have sufficient capacity, the additional entitlement will be provided through those settings, free of charge. Free childcare cannot be claimed when using childminders or nannies. If there are no places, then the additional entitlement will be provided through the MOD Overseas Nursery Allowance.
Does it matter where I work?
For dependants working overseas who pay Income Tax to HMRC or devolved equivalents, confirmation of eligibility is required from your employer (DBS).
For dependants working overseas as Locally Engaged Civilians (LECs) not paying Income Tax to HMRC or devolved equivalents, it will be the responsibility of the local Command through the LEC employer or agency, to confirm eligibility.
Dependants working overseas on the local economy will be required to provide proof from their employer in order to confirm their eligibility.
How to apply
If you qualify for the free 15 hours in an MOD-provided setting or, qualify for MOD Overseas Nursery Allowance and fulfil the eligibility criteria for the additional 15 hours’ entitlement, please complete Annex A found in the regulations.