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Friday, 5 January 2018

Introducing the updated SFA Guide to our customers and our stakeholders

CarillionAmey have made some necessary changes to their Guide to Living in Service Family Accommodation and the updated guide can now be found on their website. The SFA Guide needed a fresh look and some of the information was out of date. They also wanted to introduce the details of their new digital communication channels into the guide as well to ensure that everyone moving in knew that they could talk to CarillionAmey in a variety of ways, at their own convenience. 

Customers have started to move towards digital in a major way. In order to keep up with the movement, Accommodation Officers will now be directing customers, who have recently moved in to Service Family Accommodation, to the CarillionAmey website to read through the SFA Guide rather than have a printed copy in their Move-In pack.

There are plenty of benefits that come with this change, including easy and quick to access information. The guide also has a whole new ‘contact us’ page with hyperlinks, directing customers straight to the page they need. It will also be easier to update when CarillionAmey need to make any changes, customers will always be seeing the most up to date version, rather than having to update and then reprint, we can simply update and then upload on to the website. 

To view and/or download this latest Guide, please click HERE